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    Ground breaking support for all stages of the memory loss journey

    Launching in mid October 2022

    Born out of the desire to give control, connection, and reassurance the Memory Machine app is not only for people living with memory loss but also for their carers, family and friends. It is as relevant for people with mild age related memory loss to those with late stage Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

    Designed to help with the key challenges of the condition Memory Machine can help with forgetfulness, losing things, repeating and isolation.

    If you would like to keep up to date on its development and launch, including special pre-launch offers, please fill in your name and email below.

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      The Story

      Where It All Began

      When the founder of Memory Machine, Matt Harris, noticed his dad had lost the ability to read his watch, they both realised they were in for a long and challenging journey.

      Matt explains the story that leads to the creation of Memory Machine.

      Our vision

      Managing The Experience

      Navigating the key frustrations of memory loss

      Whether you’re a pocket patter or cushion lifter when misplacing items, there is a natural sense of frustration when it comes to being a bit forgetful. The short-lived annoyance that resides once you find what you’re looking for, is something that those experiencing memory loss can feel daily.

      Other than memory loss itself, there are other key frustrations that can arise when faced with memory impairment and dementia. Research commissioned by Memory Machine found repeating things (56%) was one of the most common behaviours for those experiencing memory loss, followed by losing things (38%) and forgetting important information (35%).

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      What to expect with memory impairment and Alzheimer’s

      Although living with memory impairment can be an overwhelming and challenging experience, many resources offer support for families and individuals. However, spotting memory impairment in yourself or others can perhaps be the biggest challenge. When someone first begins to display the initial behaviours of memory impairment, the experience can be confusing as most signs are subtle but have huge repercussions. 

      Memory Machine Founder Matt first realised that his dad was seriously ill when he noticed he was looking at his analogue watch but unable to work out the time. 

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      My loved one has memory loss - how can I help? Practical advice for families

      Despite close to half a million Australians living with dementia and memory loss1, it can be hard to know what to do when it impacts your parents, grandparents or even friends.

      Living with memory loss has a substantial emotional, social, and physical impact on the person experiencing memory impairment and those closest to them. If you’ve never had experience with memory loss before – or even if you have – providing the proper assistance and support can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task.

      So, where do you begin? Here are a few simple ways to show your support and lend a helping hand.

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      Making moments with Mum

      Mother of two, 55-year-old, Jacqui Oborn was the primary carer for her mother with Alzheimer’s and said although the experience was challenging, she is grateful for the extra moments they got to share as a family.

      “It was not easy caring for Mum – it was frustrating, confusing and even devastating at times. We’d lived in different states for decades, but when Mum started struggling with her memory, she moved into our home,” Ms Oborn said.

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      The Memory Machine Ecosystem


      Stay connected no matter how close or far away

      People living with memory loss, their carers, family and friends can connect through audio calls, video calls and messages. Meaning no matter how close or far away you live from your loved one, you can remain connected. 


      Collaborate, be reassured and share the caring load

      Set up reminders and events for people living with memory loss from your mobile device and receive notifications when important tasks have been completed. Set up movement alarms for important tasks like medications and the fridge door so that you can remotely monitor. Assign responsibilities across the care team and share the load.

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